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We seal your countertops, floors, shower doors and stainless steel permanently with Granite Shield. We specialize in restoration and stain removal on existing stone countertops and flooring.
Never worry about stains again.


Granite Shield created its lifetime penetrating breathable permanent sealing process for granite in 2002. Granite Shield uses different catalyzing polymers and then caps the catalyzing polymers with a nanotechnology permanent carbon crystal sealant which then locks the catalyzing polymer into the stone. The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can not be removed thus creating a lifetime seal which leaves granite more vibrant, smoother and shinier. Granite Shield can make granite non porous and maintenance free enabling granite customers peace of mind when purchasing granite for their kitchen countertops. The standard sealers today only penetrate and then dissipate over time, leaving the stone vulnerable to stains. Granite Shield can be applied to a new or existing granite and will last for life. Your granite will never have to be sealed again.


Granite Shield can protect surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, making them ultra hygienic and free of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other toxins. The revolutionary sealing process makes your kitchens and bathrooms look better than new and vibrant for the life of the countertop. Granite Shield's sealing process is easy to apply to an existing countertop and safe for humans and pets. The average kitchen countertop takes 1 to 2 hours to be sealed and is ready to use immediately. Your granite countertop will be super hydrophobic, stain proof and preventing liquids, germs, bacteria and other toxins from getting into your granite.


Granite Shield is the only national product capable of delivering the strongest performance and warranty in the industry. No matter your life style Granite Shield allows you to live with a level of convenience and peace of mind you will not find in another treated stone product. Indoors or outdoors it does not matter! with Granite Shield your surfaces will remain looking good forever, without worry, hassle or cost of years resealing.

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